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Revealed in my NEW Book...

Ultimate Price Guide For Woodworkers

“One Veteran Woodworker Gives You the Exact Pricing and Positioning Strategies to 2X… 4X… even 10X Your Income!”

from Small Crafts to Large Furniture, Cabinets, and More… Starting Today!

And if you haven’t sold your first piece yet, you’ll discover how to start generating sales now… without spending years trying to “prove yourself!”

Are YOU getting paid what you truly deserve for your projects?

In this in-depth, no-holds-barred 215 page publication, you’ll learn what only the most successful woodworkers know about:

  • Eliminating the “compete on price” mentality that keeps even seasoned woodworkers from charging what their skills are really worth… and that keeps hobbyists from even trying to sell their wood creations! (Skip to page 47 if you really want to stop undercharging right now!)
  • A secret way to discover the exact "magic" price that will work best for whatever you are selling!  (Vary this by even ten cents and you could lose your shirt.)
  • Drawing ideal customers to you – customers who don’t care how much they spend on your works – without having to spend a fortune on marketing and advertising! (I’ll reveal the secret on page 63.)
  • Creating a crystal-clear picture of an item’s value in your customer’s mind… so that they’ll realize the item is worth more money BEFORE they even ask you the price! (Follow this simple process, and you’ll get ZERO resistance when you tell them the cost.)
  • Correctly estimating your true costs when creating a piece for sale, so that you don’t end up spending more than you make back! (Hint: We’re not just talking about materials here – you’re making a BIG investment in every single piece you create.)
  • Negotiating with your customer so they feel like they’re getting an awesome deal… but still getting your target price in the end! (Remember, people who get awesome deals come back, too!)
  • Ramping up your sales in a matter of days – at YOUR ideal prices – so that you can build the part-time, full-time, or retirement income you’ve been looking for! (Page 14 starts you on the fast-track to success.)
  • And much more!

"Get Paid What You Truly Deserve For Your Work"

Dear Fellow Woodworker,

Jim Morgan here. And I’ve got a quick question for you:

Is woodworking basically just an expensive hobby for you?


I mean, maybe you’ve been creating furniture, crafts, or other wood creations for a while now, and you’re making some sales here and there.

But when you count the cash at the end of the month, you realize that you’ve barely made anything at all from your efforts…

…and maybe you’ve even lost money some months!

Or perhaps you’ve been working away at creating wood masterpieces, and people constantly tell you how amazing they are… but so far, you haven’t sold a single piece yet.

Jim Morgan

Jim Morgan is the founder of  -WoodProfits and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, USA today.

He started out in 1994 with a 10x12 foot space and built a small but thriving woodworking home business with no capital outlay within the first year. 

Over the years, he has helped thousands of woodworkers earn a living from home, doing what they love.

He currently lives in Cypress, Texas with his wife and 2 sons.

Either way, there’s a voice in the back of your head that keeps nagging at you.

It’s saying…

"You know, I bet if I knew how to go about it... I could probably make some pretty good cash with these skills!"

How do I know that?


Well, first… you’re reading this page right now, so somewhere inside you, you know you’ve got the potential for SERIOUS financial success with your wood creations.

And second, I’ve been a successful “woodpreneur” for many years… and I’ve helped quite a few other woodworkers get their businesses off the ground and create full-time incomes doing what they love.

(I’ll tell you about one of these woodworking pros in a minute.)

But before I get into that…

You and I haven’t had the chance to meet in person yet. So I don’t know your motivations for wanting to make more money (or just start making money) from your woodworking talents.

If you’re like many of the emerging woodpreneurs I coach, your motivations fall into one of three categories:

It could be that you’re getting ready to retireand you’ve always thought that woodworking would be a fun way to supplement your retirement income. (I’ll show you how to earn what you want and still have plenty of free time to enjoy!)

Maybe you’ve small woodworking business going and you’d LOVE to turn your  side-business into a full-time venture. (I’ve done it, and I can show you how!)

Or maybe you want to take your current business to the next level... (Scaling a home woodworking from 5 to 6 figures per year is a LOT easier than most folks make it!)

Of course, your reasons might be completely different from any of those.

And that’s perfectly okay!

Because it doesn’t really matter what your motivations and goals are for your woodworking business…

...the pricing and positioning strategies you need to get to your goals are the same.

Pricing & Positioning are THE Pass-codes to Profits!

Look, the first time you picked up a sliding T-level or fired up a band saw, you probably weren’t thinking about how much you should sell the finished product for.

You started shaping wood into beautiful, functional items for the joy of it, right?

And when you started out, your strategy for pricing your products amounted to winging it.

But if your goal is to actually make a profit from your efforts, pricing and positioning are the deciding factors in whether you grow a predictable, substantial income

woodworking projects
woodworking price

… or keep on simply enjoying an “expensive hobby.”

Now, if you feel completely clueless when it comes to pricing… you’re not alone. More than 90% of woodworkers out there have absolutely no idea how to use price and value to position their products to appeal to buyers!

And when you can’t confidently establish (and justify) your ideal pricing, you end up hearing things like…

  • “Why is the price so high? It couldn’t have taken you very long to make it.”
  • “I saw something like this last week at Walmart for half the price!”
  • “My brother knows a guy who does this kind of thing. I think his prices are a lot lower than yours.”
  • “You couldn’t have spent that much on materials!”
  • “If I can’t find something like this online for less, I’ll be back to buy it.”

Not exactly the most encouraging things to hear, right?

But unfortunately, it happens (if you’ve been in the business for a while, you know how it is.)

“People Love Your Work... Until They Have To Pay For It”

Truth is, some people think that woodworkers should just "donate" all of their time, skills & hard work. They go something like, “well, this person loves what they do… so they shouldn’t be charging so much for their time.”

But skilled labor isn't cheap and cheap labor isn't skilled!

In my new guide, I'll show you how to overcome this objection and not only that, convert these skeptics into customers...by knowing how to price and position. 

When you gain mastery over pricing and positioning, you get to take back control!

Instead of trying to appease bargain-hunters, you’re helping sincere buyers appreciate the one-of-a-kind works of art… and giving them the opportunity to own your handcrafted items for themselves!

Instead of wondering when you’ll have the funds to start an ambitious project, you’re enjoying a steady stream of income to keep all of your passion projects well-funded!

Instead of worrying about making ends meet when you retire, you can supplement your retirement income without sacrificing all your time.

And instead of feeling stuck in a job that grinds away at your soul, you can start your journey to personal and professional freedom.

Now, in just a minute, I’m going to let you in on a rare opportunity to tap into the insider strategies that elite woodworkers around the world are using to generate serious incomes from their businesses.

But before I do that, I’d like us to get to know each other a little better…

I know firsthand how tough building a woodworking business can be...

Like you, I have a true passion for woodworking. I’m a cabinetmaker by trade, and I have more than 25 years of experience as a woodworker and business owner.

Now, I’ve made a heck of a LOT of mistakes in those 25 years. 

Running a custom cabinetry business has been both incredibly rewarding and intensely challenging… and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

gorgeous kitchen cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets: One of my first projects in 2001 that I'm really proud of...

One of my biggest challenges? Pricing.

woodworking estimate pricing

When I started out, I was all over the board with pricing!

I knew my team and I were producing wood cabinets that were of exceptional quality… but I didn’t know how to communicate the value of those cabinets to my potential customers.

So I ended up losing business to competitors who were producing lower-quality cabinets and selling them at “bargain” prices.

I absolutely refused to sacrifice quality… but I didn’t want to lose money competing on price, either.

So I started reading everything I could get my hands on to help me grow sales and scale my business WITHOUT settling for less than the profits I deserved.

I’m not going to tell you it was a quick process.

There were times when I actually considered “throwing in the towel” and finding another line of work.

But I was committed to the success of my custom cabinet company. I wasn’t going to let my team, my family, or myself down! So I pressed on (and on and on...)

What The 3% Know About "Perfect Pricing"

And eventually, I found out the insider strategies for success in this industry - what only the top 3% in the woodworking industry know about using pricing and positioning to generate BIG increases in their sales and profits.

Once I started using them, the difference was mind-blowing.

I wasn’t trying to keep up with my competitors anymore. Instead, I was running the “go-to” custom cabinet company in my area… and commanding prices that my competitors called “impossible!”

But something still wasn't right...

Don’t get me wrong… I was thrilled to finally have the success and profits I’d always dreamed of… and to be able to consider my competition virtually irrelevant.

But there was still something bugging me.

It was this:

I knew that there were thousands of others around the world – amazingly talented woodworkers of every style and experience level... who were struggling with the same problems I had during my early years.

I’m a big fan of “paying it forward”… so I decided to do something about it.

I put everything I've learned – every pricing and positioning trick, strategy, “hack,” and technique that allowed me to skyrocket my custom cabinetry business after years of trial and error – into one complete, easy-to-follow blueprint.

And it works no matter what type of woodwork you're selling... small crafts to large furniture and everything in between.

And right now, instant access to that blueprint is right at your fingertips!


The Ultimate Pricing Guide For Woodworkers

"A complete, step by step approach to 2X, 3X or even 10X your sales and profits starting today!"

How to price your woodwork - woodworking price guide

Over 215 Pages of Battle-Tested, Proven Strategies & Insights To Grow Your Woodworking Business

I wanted to make sure that this proven, real-world blueprint delivers...

That’s why I’ve only included battle-tested, proven strategies and insights to help woodworkers achieve their income goals (and then some).

And I've held NONE of the good stuff back. I know there’s plenty of room for you and me to prosper in the woodworking niche…

so I have no reason to omit key strategies (or fill your head with vague theories and meaningless fluff) like some of those other “experts” do.

The Ultimate Pricing Guide for Woodworkers gets straight to the point and delivers the exact knowledge you need to maximize your profits and sales now… without wasting time on tools and strategies that just don’t work!

Works For Anyone At Any Stage Of Their Business

I’ve designed this guide to be as helpful as possible… for as many woodworkers as possible.

Whether you own a large shop or you're just starting out, you'll learn something from my guide.

This is an incredible opportunity for woodworkers – artisans from all walks of life and all experience levels – to earn good incomes doing what they LOVE.

Here's What You'll Discover When You Dive Into This Exclusive Guide:

The single biggest question woodworkers ask about pricing their creations, and why answering this question correctly is a “life or death” issue for your woodworking business! (We’ll tackle this right up front on page 10.)

How to properly account for all real-world expenses, "hidden costs" to ensure long-term profitability so you won't be out of business, and money, within a few years!

What pricing REALLY means, and how failing to understand it can ground your biz permanently! (Almost EVERYONE in the woodworking industry gets this wrong!)

How to use the age-old "pile-on" technique to boost perceived value... and thus... get your customers to pay 800% more than anyone else could get them to spend!

The simple 1-second mindshift that will put pricing into perspective, giving you the power to price every single piece you make with laser precision… and sell it fast!(We’ll dive into this on page 17.)

The proven 3-step process for getting 70%... 80%... even 90% of your customers to buy over and over again… and to refuse to buy from any of your competitors! (When you have customers like this, your competition can do whatever they want, and it won’t affect you one bit!)

The specifics on pricing considerations for specialized items, such as cabinetry, crafts, furniture, jewelry, clocks, and much more! (It all starts on page 120.)

The insider secrets to getting a steady stream of referrals who are ready to buy from you!(They’ve already been “sold” on you by another customer, so all you have to do is take their money and give them a great product!)

On page 53, we’ll tackle how to balance price and volume so you’re making maximum income without working your life away!

You’ll discover how to easily determine your standard shop rate, even on projects you haven’t attempted before! (This simple formula lets you calculate your shop rate in under 5 minutes…)

You’ll learn when (and how much) to raise your prices using the 80/20 formula… so that you can increase your profitability and keep more of what you make! (I’ll explain it all on page 78.)

You’ll get the no-effort pricing trick that can boost sales by 20% or more… even if your competitors offer similar products for less! (Check out page 63 for this gem.)

Discover how to increase your prices by removing price tags. (It's a pretty sneaky but highly effective method and I'll explain it in detail!)

Starting on page 175, you’ll get the tested-and-proven approach for pricing custom items, such as carvings and turnings… and getting customers to say “YES!” without hesitation! (You don’t HAVE to reveal or stick to your standard shop rates, no matter what anyone tells you.)

And much much more!

You don't have to spend a week (and a small fortune) stuffed in a crowded seminar hall to get these real-world strategies

There are “experts” who only offer business strategies via super-expensive, highly inconvenient in-person workshops and conferences.

They charge woodworkers $1000s (and that doesn’t include airfare, hotel, meals, Ubers, and all the extra expenses that come with attending a training workshop).

And on top of that, they take up a week or more of your time – and that’s something you’ll NEVER get back.


But then when you attend these “workshops,” you soon find out that there’s not a whole lot of work being done. It’s all aimless networking, from-the-stage sales pitches, and a whole lot of filler underneath a veneer of useful information.

That’s not how I do things. I designed this blueprint to be simple and straightforward so you can start implementing immediately.

  • First, you can absorb and master the insights and strategies in the Ultimate Pricing Guide for Woodworkers in your home, office, garage, or anywhere else, whenever you want – no exhausting, expensive workshops to travel to.

  • You can go at your own pace… refer back to specific lessons whenever you need… and implement as you learn so you can start seeing results now… not years from now.

  • And even though you’re getting 1000X more real-world, proven insights in this short guide than you could ever hope to get at one of those live seminars, you’re only investing a tiny fraction of the cost.

Here's the good news:

You won’t have to spend $5,000 to find out what’s working now for the most successful woodworking business owners in the industry.

You won’t even have to spend $500.

Or $100, for that matter.

Praise for "Ultimate Pricing Guide"

ultimate price guide testimonial 3

"A boon for a start up!"

"Ever go to a craft show where things are really selling? Except for that lonely person sitting behind a card table reading a book or knitting. This book explains WHY that's happening and how to avoid it.

Ever try to sell things with a REALLY low price so they'll move? But they don't. Here you'll learn why that happens."

- Ralph Chapman


ultimate price guide testimonial 2

"A clear winner." 

"This has become my go-to reference for pricing what I sell. There is no one way to set prices that is fair to both you and your customer, and the Jim presents several scenarios and "what-ifs" for establishing a price. A clear winner of a guide!"

- Hailey York,

Elizabethtown, PA

ultimate price guide testimonial 1

"If you want profits, get this book" 

"Jim takes you through the whole pricing process and also shows how to vary the price by the type of woodworking you do (carving, furniture, toys, etc) If you want to make money selling your woodwork, this book is definitely for you.

I would recommend this book to all woodworkers who sell their work, whether only as a hobby or as a business owner"

- Jack Bell, 

Houston, TX

Right now, to celebrate this new launch, I’m giving you the entire blueprint to your success as a business owner at a price that any serious woodworker would be happy to invest…

Claim Your Instant Access To The "Ultimate Pricing Guide For Woodworkers" Today for a One-Time Investment of Just $59 $49 $29...

How to price your woodwork - woodworking price guide

Save $50 off the retail price today!

To get your copy at the special launch discount, all you need to do is to click the "Get Instant Access" button below and enter your details on the order form...

Retail: $59
Special Launch Price: $29

This is a special launch offer price and I reserve the right to end it anytime.

You CAN Earn A Good Income Making & Selling Your Wood Creations!

If you’ve been struggling to get the pricing you want for your pieces, or to generate enough sales to cover your expenses… this might seem like a pretty bold statement to you.

But when you have the right “blueprint” to work from, it’s really not that hard.

Imagine with me, for just a minute, that you could solve all of your sales and pricing frustrations today.

Imagine that you knew exactly what to say (and just as importantly, what not to say) to get your customer to recognize the exceptional value in your wood creations… so they’ll be thrilled to pay your asking price.  

Imagine that you had ready-to-buy customers coming to you, begging to pay you VERY well for your time and talents… because they know they’re getting something truly special.

Now… how would all of that make you feel?

selling your woodwork creations

If you’re like most woodworkers I know…

  • You’d feel valued, because you’d know that your buyers understand how exceptional your woodworking talents really are!
  • You’d feel confident, knowing that you can command the prices you want for your wood creations… and attract buyers who are glad to pay full price!
  • You’d feel inspired, because you’d have the income to tackle even more impressive projects (and keep your buyers coming back again and again)!
  • You’d feel relieved, because you’ve got the knowledge and strategies to NEVER AGAIN spend more on a project than you make back from the buyer!
  • You’d feel relaxed, knowing that you don’t have to choose between a day job and cranking out wood projects like mad just to hit your income goals!

  • You’d feel secure, because you’d know that know that no matter what expenses or financial challenges come your way, you can simply scale your woodworking business to cover those expenses!
  • You’d feel fulfilled, because you’re finally getting paid well for something you’re truly passionate about (and that’s something most people never achieve)!
  • Once you place your order, you'll get the rare opportunity to tap into insider strategies...

    Strategies that elite woodworkers around the world are using to generate serious incomes from their businesses!

    Oh, and one more thing – the insights and strategies inside this guide aren’t just for U.S. – based woodworkers. It doesn’t matter where you live and work – the same techniques work anywhere in the world!

    To secure your time-limited launch discount, click the "Get Instant Access" button below:

    How to price your woodwork - woodworking price guide

    Retail: $59
    Special Launch Price: $29

    This is a special launch offer price and I reserve the right to end it anytime.

    Still on the fence? I don't want you to risk your $29!

    Listen, I know that at this point, you’ve figured out that the Ultimate Pricing Guide for Woodworkers is the exact resource you need to ramp up your sales and increase your profit margins.

    And I get the feeling that part of you is pretty excited about this opportunity to finally earn some good money for the talents you’ve worked so hard to hone.

    But I also know that handing over your money to someone you’ve never met - and for a product you’ve never seen – can be a bit unnerving.

    What if I’m just blowing smoke, and I send you a useless guide full of fluff and nonsense?


    What if I don’t deliver the real-deal pricing and positioning strategies I promised?


    Well, relax.

    I don’t want you to risk losing your $29.

    Maybe $29 is a substantial investment for you, or maybe it’s pocket change. I don’t know. But I’m still not willing to let you take on that risk.

    So let's do this instead...

    woodworking tricks tips

    Try the Ultimate Pricing Guide for Woodworkers for yourself for the next 60 days.


    I want you to really dig in and absorb all of the experience and learning that went into creating this blueprint. 

    Use as many of the tips, insights, and strategies as you can to ramp up your income and start generating real results that you can take to the bank.

    • And if you don’t agree that the Ultimate Pricing Guide for Woodworkers is the surest path to financial success and personal satisfaction as a woodworker…

    • …if you don’t agree that this guide is everything I promised you it would be (and then some)…

    • …or if you’re just not completely impressed for any reason at all…

    then I insist that you let me know within 60 days so I can refund every single penny of your $29 investment.

    No questions, no runaround, no “but wait…” – I’ll just give you back your money and we’ll shake hands (virtually, of course).

    Fair enough? Good. Then it’s time to start your path to the lucrative woodworking career you’ve been dreaming of!

    Just click the button below to get instant access to the complete Ultimate Pricing Guide for Woodworkers now:

    Claim Your Instant Access To The "Ultimate Pricing Guide For Woodworkers" Today for a One-Time Investment of Just $59 $49 $29...

    How to price your woodwork - woodworking price guide

    Save $50 off the retail price today!

    To get your copy at the special launch discount, all you need to do is to click the "Get Instant Access" button below and enter your details on the order form...

    Retail: $59
    Special Launch Price: $29

    This is a special launch offer price and I reserve the right to end it anytime.

    testimonial review wood pricing guide

    One last thing – after you’ve had a chance to implement the little-known profit-building strategies in the Ultimate Pricing Guide for Woodworkers...

    ...please consider sending me a note to let me know how you’re doing.

    I LOVE hearing how the insights and information inside this guide help you achieve success!

    To your success,

    P.S.: How many additional sales will it take for you to make back your investment in the Ultimate Pricing Guide for Woodworkers?

    If you’re like most people who actually use the strategies I teach, you’ll probably make back your investment (and then some) from just ONE sale! But then you get to keep using this blueprint to make as many extra sales as you want – for as long as you want!

    So don’t miss out on this opportunity because you were afraid to invest $29 into your businessget instant access to the Ultimate Pricing Guide for Woodworkers right away! (You’ve probably already spent more than that on woodworking tools this month anyway.)

    P.P.S.: The price of this guide will go up to $59 after the next 100 woodworkers claim their access. So if you come back and have to pay the full price tomorrow, don’t be surprised.

    (It’s still a steal at $59… but why would you want to pay any more than you have to?)

    To secure your time-limited launch discount, click the "Get Instant Access" button below:

    How to price your woodwork - woodworking price guide

    Retail: $59
    Special Launch Price: $29

    This is a special launch offer price and I reserve the right to end it anytime.

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